About Us


When we came up with the concept of BOXXA Bikes we had one very clear objective, to give our customers as much customisation as possible.

At BOXXA we are all about crafting bespoke bikes for our customers. Our vision is to create the best bikes for your ride. Whether you want to smash it down the side of a mountain, hit the road, get out on the trail or just look classy on an old vintage classic, whichever you choose, we want to get you out there.

We aim to end the eternal battle bike riders face when they cannot buy a bike that does everything they want. We build and design bikes that are lightweight and easy to ride. Our bikes can be fitted with all the best and latest additions to support riders. Or customers may choose something more sleek, elegant and refined. We provide a unique, bespoke experience by connecting personally with every customer to find out exactly what they want from their ride. 

Customers can connect directly with fellow bike enthusiasts and discuss exactly the type of ride they want or currently have. Discussing what they do with it and what their ideal bike would be. From there the team at BOXXA Bikes will create a bespoke plan for each customer based on their suggestions. We will create and adapt in order to design your ideal ride.

Bespoke design, environmental sustainability and promoting healthy lifestyles, all through the joy of riding one of our unique designs is at the very core of our values at BOXXA. 

Mission Statement

To give our clients the ride of a lifetime, through bespoke design.

Origin of BOXXA Bikes

The origin of BOXXA Bikes lays in a true and honest passion for bikes and riding. Built from a perspective that many bike enthusiasts find themselves in. I want the best but don’t want off the shelf. Or worse still I have bought the best but it still doesn’t do what I want it to for the type of riding I enjoy. We wanted to craft something different, unique… a new breed of bike.

Personal Experience

Throughout our biking experience, we have many up’s and downs – pun intended – funny stories and parts to our journey that we are happy to share. One of the main things that led us to create BOXXA Bikes was the overall quality of our bikes and their parts.

Andrew crashing through the bushes of a downhill trail emerging brandishing his bikes chainstay was the starting point of our journey. With Andrew onto bike number two and Lawrence not sure where to start on buying a new bike we decided there had to be something we could create that answered our problems. We spent days and weeks buying parts and adapting and changing our bikes until we reached the perfect product.

Whilst enjoying the UK bike parks we had a chance to catch up with many riders and talk about common problems. A lot of people were all saying the same thing.  Riders wanted to make modifications but couldn’t be bothered to spend time on it. They would rather be riding in their spare time instead of engineering and some said that they were frustrated with their bikes that they had only just invested (huge amounts) of money in. All these conversations proved to Lawrence and Andy that the wider community wanted something more than the bike industry is currently offering.

The riders, builders and designers


I have been a keen weekend warrior of the mountain biking world for years. This carried forward from a childhood love for BMX bikes. When my brother-in-law. Lawrence, expressed an interest in switching his focus from road to mountain biking my interest spiked. Having never been interested in the high-speed pursuit of road cycling the idea of being able to enjoy the thrills of downhill cycling was music to my ears. After a few early crashes we fell into a groove (although the injuries occasionally continue). Only one thing has changed since those early days and that is our bikes. I have always been interested in design and engineering and from my earliest age I was keen to always take things apart and put them back together again. This love of design allowed me to begin experimenting in our early days of BOXXA and now adorned with our bespoke built, specialist bikes, myself Lawrence and even my Father-In-Law, Jeff, take off almost every weekend to ride. Visiting the bike parks to enjoy a downhill ride on our custom-built bikes. With bikes built to suit each of our individual needs, tastes and goals we can each now push ourselves to the limits on the course. I have chosen to join with Lawrence to create BOXXA Bikes to bring that perfect ride to other bike enthusiasts like us.


A rekindled passion for cycling originated when I decided to buy a second-hand bike. The aim was to save money, get fit and tackle my commute to work. I quickly outgrew this and bought a hybrid. Soon I set myself my first challenge: riding to work every day for a year. I had a few close calls in the snowier weather and on the streets of London but came within four days of my target. From here it accelerated and I bought a road bike and decided to start racing and doing continental trips with friends. We completed lots of rides including London to Brugge, Amsterdam and completed a sportive stage of the Tour de France. Later, Andrew & I began mountain biking and the variety of cycling offered in the UK has led to many more adventures. It is this freedom and sense of adventure that cycling gave me. Cycling as an adult again began as an economic decision that gave me back more than money. I have learnt a lot about myself whilst being in the saddle. I know others who are considering grasping the handlebars for any reason will have a journey of self-discovery. Especially on our bespoke, custom-built bikes.

Origin of the ‘BOXXA Bike’ name

Here at BOXXA Bikes we are avid pet owners and look after a number of animals that help us keep a smile on our faces. Even when we can’t get out on our bikes! We have a number of rescued animals and one of the biggest characters is Misty the Boxer Dog. She truly was the inspiration for our company name.