We like to do things a little different at BOXXA, one of them being that we print all of our decals in house. With over 60 colours available in gloss, matt,  metallic, camo, glitter, brushed, chrome and special effect, there are plenty of options for your ride.

Many bike companies have their bike decals applied after they have been painted, they then apply the lacquer over the top to protect them. Although this process does help protect them from the elements, it’s no good if you get bored, worn through due to cable rub or they get scratched. this process of application would mean that it is almost impossible to re do the decals.

The BOXXA take on this was to have the decals printed in house and then apply them to your frame after the painting process. This insures that if they are ever damaged or if you fancy a change then we can send you a new set of decals for you to do at home.


we keep 13 of our most popular colours in both matt and gloss in stock  ready to dispatch. The  


Vinyl Quality

We only use the highest quality vinyl for our decals, the same you find on high end automotive and commercial vehicles rather than the readily available cheaper vinyl available. This vinyl is much more durable, easier to work with, conforming to the curves of the frame and has superior colour definition.

Cheap vinyl is mainly produced using a white vinyl base that is then printed on with the respected colour. This printed colour layer is often very thin and not hard wearing. if the decal becomes scratched or worn it will remove this printed colour layer and show the white basy vinyl.

We use solid vinyl and only solid vinyl. This ensures if our decals gets scratched or worn it will only show the same colour throughout as it has no white base layer.

Our vinyl has a minimum standard of 5 year outdoor use. This means it is far more resistant to extreme weather conditions e.g. direct sunlight, rain and has a temperature range of -40 to +105. they are also resistant to detergents, oils and solvents.

We have gone to great length and through hours of testing to insure the vinyl we use is of the highest standard. It goes without saying that riding a bike down the side of a mountain or on a grease road will inevitably cause the decals to become worn and scratched over time. Just remember that if they ever do get damaged or you just fancy a change up then it a quick and easy process to replace them.

Decal Care

In order to keep your decals in top condition hear are a few do’s and don’ts to help you care for them.

  • Don’t expose the decals to prolonged periods of time to strong detergents
  • Don’t jet wash decals
  • Make sure cables, enduro straps or frame mounted bags aren’t rubbing on them.
  • Take care when mounting the bike to a bike rack that the decals don’t get stuck in the clamp. (If you are already aware that the position of your bike rack will cause damage to the decals, contact us and we will try and place them in an area of the bike that it will not effect them).
  • Don’t allow the decals to come in to direct contact with heat. This will cause the decals to melt and will almost defiantly cause damage to the carbon fibre frame.
  • Bike cleaner is the best product for cleaning the decals but we would advise against using an abrasive pad to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Bike polish is safe to use on the decals.

Ordering Replacements

If your decals become damaged or you just fancy a change then contact us and well will get a new set shipped out to you.


Custom Decals

If you fancy a custom decal then contact us with your ideas and we will get back to you with a price for it. Please note that custom decals are subject to limitation based on the equipment used.