At Boxxa part of our journey has included the rescuing and restoring of older frames. Often left by the wayside in favour of newer models it is clear that a bit of tender love and care can often turn around the fortunes of an old faithful.

We regularly attend bike jumble sales looking for a new project. These places are amazing with hundreds of frames and components just waiting to find a new home. Often the parts found need many hours of hard work to get them back their original condition.

The Process

All our UPcycled bikes have frames that have been intercepted on their way to the scrap heap or have been sat with vintage collectors for a long time. We believe that all these bikes should be out there being ridden. Once we have sourced a frame or complete bike the fun starts, often the paint work is beyond repair so we start with stripping it right back to the bare metal, marking all the dents ready to be filled and sanded back giving us a perfect finished product. If we are lucky enough to find a frame with its original forks then the forks also get the same treatment.

Then it goes off to our spay booth to get resprayed back to its original colour. If the original colour isn’t known or can’t be traced back through the original manufacturing catalogues then we get to apply a bit of creative license and let our imagination run wild.

With a large haul of components already sourced and restored back to their original condition we carefully select the components to compliment the style and age of the frame.

To ensure the highest standards in safety are maintained all bearings, brake pads and tyres get replaced for new.

For most of the classic builds we convert them into single speeds, the reason being they are easy for the end user to maintain, the simplistic and clean looks really pay homage to the frame but most importantly it is a bike you can use to get around on instead of using a car.

If a single speed isn’t for you then on most builds it is possible to add gearing to them. If you contact us in advance and specify that you would like an UPcycled geared bike then we will make it for you.